About Me

John G

In my practice, I take an individual focused approach. Individuals seeking services will find a supportive, safe place to explore their thoughts, feelings, and address their needs. I use a person-oriented approach; I put the individual first, getting to know the individual person and the issues they are facing. I build a plan with the individual to best suit the individual’s needs and offer the best foundations for the client’s success. I utilize compassion, empathy and understanding as well as excellent communication and time management skills.

I am a Certified Anxiety Disorders Counselor, Certified Mood Disorders Counselor, Certified ADHD Counselor and Certified Personality Disorder Counselor.

My practice is set in a residential house without large signs to limit any stigma associated with seeking mental health. I offer compassion and understanding in a warm and supportive environment. If you feel I can be of assistance to you, please contact me.

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Awards and Nominations 

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